Tzikin Wallet



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Tz’ikin is the intermediary between God and man, between heaven and earth. Bird keeper means all the lands of the Maya area. It is the freedom, the messenger, the treasure, luck and money, global awareness, represents the sacred vision and the boom material.


Born on this day are fertilized in the day and sign Kiej destination is Ak’abal. They are merchants and artists. They will have everything needed for a good life, both materially and spiritually. They have money luck and love. They are the power behind the throne, very good quarterbacks, create high expectations, giving the feeling of being able to solve everything, so if you propose it could do, they can leave everything in a minute, plus being fickle, bored or feel depleting a move to another topic, so do her friends, which can then return.


People born on this day strengths are friendly, cheerful, good, kind, handle unseen forces are visionary and communicative. Some have great spiritual strength. They have a great talent, are mystical and detached. Transmit the sacred words and enjoy the protection of Ajaw (Trainer and Creator).

  • Element: fire
  • Orientation : east
  • Color energy: red and blue
  • Animal guardian: quetzal, eagle and butterfly
  • stone: ruby

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