Tzi Wallet



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Guardian of the spiritual law, Tz’i represents the governors of the community or state, spiritual authorities and the correct path. It is a sign of terrestrial and cosmic authority and the day that brings the light of truth. It also represents the Creator, the bringer of justice, fidelity and order.


People born under Tz’i make good priests and spiritual guides. They’re very balanced people – kind, just, strong, delicate and agile. They tend to have everything under control and their senses are often heightened. They are idealists who work for the community, are responsible and good administrators. Adventorous spirit.


They are noble, practitioners of social justice, just, balanced, peaceful and spiritual.

  • Element: water
  • Orientation : south
  • Color energy: yellow and brown
  • Animal guardian: coyote and dog
  • stone: jade

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