Tijax Bow



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Tijax is symbolized by the double-edged obsidian blade. It is associated with force, power, suffering and revelations. It stands for the power of rigid thought and the force of the intelligence. It’s a day of purification and balancing of our actions. While a liberating, rational force, Tijaax can cause It represents the Earth Force and its expression, such as earthquakes.


People born under Tijax are protectors of justice, healers of the incurable, brave hearted, talented and visionary. They’re rational, but can also be intuitive and imaginative dreamers. At times drastic, they offend easily and can end a lengthy relationship in a minute. They often achieve power and fame and are well-intentioned. They are natural leaders, prudent and good negotiators.


They are optimists in the face of difficulty, collaborators, lovers of life, they shun violence. They can be spiritual guides as they have a natural aptitude for interpreting sacred signs and dreams.

  • Element: water
  • Orientation : south
  • Color energy: white
  • Animal guardian: swordfish and toucan
  • stone: obsidian

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