Kawoq Bow



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Kawoq is a community day – it symbolizes the relation of the group, ancestors and future offspring of the family. It also relates to the strength of unity, the expansive consciousness, the development of the cosmic plan, growth and fertility. It symbolizes rain, lightning and thunder, water and air. It also represents the collective consciousness.


People born under Kawoq are brave, intelligent and noble. They can be spiritual guides and fortune tellers. They have a good character, are loyal friends, defenders of the people and receive messages through dreams. They often feel part of something beyond the normal consciousness and their deepest motivations are often a secret, even to themselves.


They act with intelligence, are sure of themselves, noble and imaginative. They’re observers, work for the good of others, respect their families and don’t tolerate injustice.

  • Element: fire
  • Orientation : east
  • Color energy: red and purple
  • Animal guardian: turtle
  • Stone: coral

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