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The jaguar or tiger, the female energy and power cats. It represents the Mayan altar, or the Tab’al the four B’alaneb ‘(guardians of the four corners of universe), intelligence, Mother Earth, protective spirit of the hills, plains and mountains.


People born with this sign are generated in the day and sign Keme destination is IIQ. People are strong, courageous, vigorous, passionate lovers. In love is king and always find those who fulfill their desires.


When people born on this day are positive have the ability and agility to act, love of popularity, have much strength and energy. They are custom rustic can do good to a person interested in the success, good health, guardians of a place, shrewd, enterprising, give protection, have the courage to face any problem in life. Are reserved, communicate superfluous, have a good imagination.

  • Element: Water
  • Orientation : South
  • Color energy: yellow
  • Animal guardian: jaguar
  • Stone: amber

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