Iq Bow



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Iq’ is the wind, bringer of energy. It is life, cleanliness and purity, change and new ideas. It symbolizes the spirit, corrents of air, thunder and lightning, hurricanes and storms. It could be the carrier of a message or a destructive force that breaks down barriers.


Those born under Iq’ are very spiritual, have much mental agility and intelligence, develop great memories and are some of our best mathematicians and spiritual healers. They are great manipulators and, although sometimes timid, they will come to the front at any crisis. They are gifted with words and are very convincing. If their imagination is put to good use, it could give them much success; their ideas combined with their strong communication skills could make them great speakers and writers.


People born under Iq’ can adapt to any situation, are brave enough to confront any crisis and are dreamers and innovators. They have strong, healthy bodies, and divine and futuristic visions.

  • Element: Water
  • Orientation : South
  • Color energy: black and blue
  • Animal guardian: woodpecker
  • Stone: jet

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