Batz Bow



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This is the first day of the calendar or sacred Cholq’ij. Batz ‘is the beginning, the first time, art, love, partner. Day of the perpetuation of the ceremonies and customs of our ancestors.

Personality Characteristics

People born on this day are fertilized before the sign and its sign Ak’ab’al destination is Kawoq. This sign is the great planners, with a comprehensive and futuristic. They are very confident, cautious, accurate, no doubt themselves, be happy in business and marriage. They are also intelligent, thoughtful, advocates, merchants and masters of all arts.

Positive Aspects

People born in batz positive aspect is usually calm. Often solve their problems, are easily heard by the Ajaw (Trainer and Creator). Judgments are accurate. They have spiritual strength. Les ideas flow. They are sorted, generous, active and dynamic. Good neighbors and defenders of the people.

  • Element: Fire
  • Orientation : East
  • Color energy: red and pink
  • Animal guardian: monkey
  • Stone: diamond

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