Ajmaq Bow



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Ajmaq handles harmony and disharmony, the word, the message, the ancestral lineages, the energy that comes from living bodies, known as aura. The Ajmaq is grandparents spirit. Ajmaq is also forgiveness, a day of introspection.

Personality Characteristics

People born on this day is impregnated with the sign and its sign Qaniil destination is K’at. They hope a long life and good health. They are analytical, clever, quiet and smart.

Positive Aspects

People born on this day strengths have the courage to solve problems, act wisely, they are talented to interact with any people, dominate the cosmic force, are analytic, recognize the acts they perform. They are quiet, silent, cunning, achieve what they want, prudent, wise, balanced, brave, sweet, amorous, and have long life and health.

  • Element: Air
  • Orientation : North
  • Color energy: white, light blue
  • Animal guardian: bee, insects, owl
  • Stone: rose quartz

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